What we do
Onpoint is a digital health shop that provides remote healthcare services to its subscribed members through an integrated brand and model called onpoint which includes tele-consultations, natural products deliveries.

Revolutionize the access of natural products in Africa.

Online Shopping with Onpoint.ug
Welcome to the first and one of a kind online natural products marketplace in Uganda – Onpoint.ug. We aim at providing the best online shopping experience to people across Uganda. On this platform, shopping is extremely easy and effortless. Experience comfort at its peak with our flexible payment methods and swift delivery to your preferred location.

Shop natural products from Onpoint.ug
In order to fulfill all your shopping desires at one place Onpoint.ug covers all major natural product categories which include high blood pressure herbs, antidiabetes herbs, prostate management products, colon cleansing products, body detoxifying products, natural cosmetics and many more.